Michelle Sarubbi
Tai Chi Chih Teacher

Michelle comes to us from the west coast in Southern California where she has been teaching T’ai Chi Chih for the last three years. Michelle first learned T’ai Chi Chih in 2015 while still employed with the USDA US Forest Service as a Special Agent. Michelle spent over half of her professional career with the Forest Service in Law Enforcement, prior to that she was a Fire Prevention Technician and Wildland Firefighter. Also, before ending her career with the Forest Service, she became a Reiki Master/Teacher and continues to practice this non-movement relaxation technique. Her passion for teaching T’ai Chi Chih comes from helping others learn how to reduce stress and promote serenity through the 19 gentle flowing movements and one pose. This practice also aids in improving balance and reducing anxiety. She enjoys providing an enjoyable practice in a safe environment for her students in person or virtually through these movements. She comes to us with great letters of recommendation from her students and Wellness Center where she currently works in California.