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Mission PD is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. A COMMUNITY dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s Disease gain access to resources, education, professional Parkinson’s focused fitness coaching, and better care, which will lead to better overall outcome and quality of life. Mission PD provides virtual and in person support through fitness, activities, education, life coaching and socialization.

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Join the free community network to educate and empower yourself with information and resources. You will find articles, webinars, networking, socialization, and schedules of upcoming events. You can chat with friends that you meet in classes and reach out to your coaches at any time.


Mission PD hosts live virtual speakers from the Parkinson’s world to share the most current information and resources. We also provide access to previously aired presentations from all the major organizations and support groups.


This is opportunity for people to share personal experiences, feelings, and coping strategies about their PD journey. Open floor and specific topics will be explored, and special guests will also be scheduled to support and empower people living with PD, as well as their caregivers and family. This program is supported through a grant from the Parkinson's Council
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Our virtual Book Club meets virtually once a month on the last Wednesday of the month. Led by Jacob Kidney, meetings will be open conversation about the book that is chosen. Suggestions are welcome by participants and authors often visit our meetings to discuss the book with our readers. This program is supported through a grant from the Parkinson's Council


Join Parkinson’s Exercise Specialists in Live Zoom virtual exercise classes daily. Specialized Parkinson’s programs include Rock Steady Boxing, Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery, Pedaling for Parkinson’s, Dancing for Parkinson’s, Yoga and Meditation, Parkinson’s Art of Expression, Brains and Balance, Power Barre and more to come.


Fundraisers around the world will be highlighted during the year. Art classes, special projects and social events can be expected throughout the year. Participation with many major organizations will also take place supporting Parkinson’s around the globe. Virtual and in person events will be scheduled. Stay tuned for more information.
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Care Partner Monthly Meeting

Care Partner Monthly Meeting

Join us monthly on the first Saturday of the month on zoom.

In Person Training

In Person Training

Our wellness center in Maple Shade NJ is our physical location where you can access resources, referrals and support. You can attend our ALL IN ONE class where we will explore all formats specific to Parkinson's fitness and wellness. Call today for more information.

Parkinson’s Specific Fitness Classes

Improv for PD

The Improv for Parkinson’s (IFP) and their care partners (CP) classes developed and facilitated by Margot Escott, LCSW will benefit members of Mission PD through facilitated improvisational theatre games designed to decrease PD associated anxiety and depression, increase peer interaction, improve communication, creativity, collaboration, and support.

Dance for Parkinson’s

This class increases coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength through music and movement.

Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery - Sponsored by The Parkinson Council & Kyowa Kirin

Exercise for Brain Change. You will be challenged physically and cognitively while working on strength, balance, agility, aerobics, and flexibility.

sponsored by Supernus

Parkinson’s Art and Expression will focus on body and facial expression, vocal work, and socialization in a fun safe nonjudgmental setting.

Rock Steady Boxing -Sponsored by Abbott Laboratories

A non-contact boxing-based fitness curriculum mixed with cardio and strength training, coordination and more.

Tai Chi Chih - Sponsored by the Parkinson Council

Tai Chi Chih is a mindfulness moving meditation practice with 19 movements to be explored. This program is supported through a grant from the Parkinson's Council

Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can relieve stress, manage anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve memory and attention. This program is supported through a grant from the Parkinson's Council

Life Coaching

Talk with Parkinson’s resource experts and get guidance to the right professionals and specialists to help you with your journey. We will help you find the support you need in your local area. (Virtual or In Person)

Private Exercise Training

Choose from all formats and design your time with your trainer to meet your specific needs. Meeting time will be decided between you and your trainer. (Virtual or In Person)

Duo or Trio Private in Person Training

Two or three people at the same fitness level can partner up and meet with your trainer at the Mission PD Parkinson’s Wellness Center for a great fitness training. Choose from all formats and design your time to meet your needs. (In Person Only)

Voice Activated

We're going to get wacky and loud and unruly. This is a time for exploration of sound and speech, so put on your silly pants and let's get started! Carmen will help you learn how to use your voice more effectively and share exercises with you that are fun. This class will make you speak louder and more clearly. These exercises also aid in keeping the swallowing function strong. This program is supported through a grant from the Parkinson's Council.

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

Cycling has been shown to reduce Parkinson’s motor symptoms by as much as 35%. It also can reduce other Parkinson’s related symptoms and improve fitness level overall by increasing stamina, strength, and mood. It can also reduce stiffness, tremors, and cognitive fog temporarily. If you have a stationary bike or would like to take your tablet to your gym and join us virtually for a ride, saddle up and let’s get going.

Special Events

National Plan to End Parkinson's
Parkinson's Revolution Ride - 2/24/24

Stacey Macaluso Talks About Mission PD

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Those joining the virtual platform must sign a waiver and terms of service to participate. Call or email with questions or assistance.

Please join our free Circle Communities platform and resource page to gain access to our educational and fitness opportunities. Call or email for help.

There is a $50.00 fee for the orientation/assessment appointment for in person classes.

Premium Services

Parkinson’s Exercise Training – Choose from all formats

Private TrainingPrivate Training

One on one

$60 for 60 min.

Choose your personal trainer and the workout format of your choice. Time and Day TBD.
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Duo TrainingDuo Training

$40 for 60 min. each person

Choose your personal trainer and the workout format of your choice. Time and Day TBD. Participants will be paired up according to workout level.

Call for more information

Trio TrainingTrio Training

$30 for 60 min each person

Choose your personal trainer and the workout format of your choice. Time and Day TBD. Participants will be paired up with other students according to workout level.

Call for more information


Life Coaching


First meeting is complimentary.
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Virtual Fitness Platform

Unlimited classes and community access.
Live classes and On-demand.
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Our Team

About Us

The Mission

Through education, fitness and wellness we engage people with Parkinson’s and help bridge the gap to better care, management and overall outcomes while living with Parkinson’s Disease.


The Vision

Millions of people living with PD need better access to care and resources. Mission PD is here to help people day to day find that support as we will be active in the mission bringing changes to reduce Parkinson's in our future and find a cure.


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Stacey will help you to build, the physical strength needed to do several sets of floor push ups but most importantly, she will help you find the inner strength needed to fight Parkinson's disease.

- Larry
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Stacey's new platform not only provides you with coaches that are real teachers and advocates for living a good life with Parkinson's Disease but also provides you with the opportunity to become part of a community. Where you can share you experiences and your journey with the disease among newly found friends.

I have never met a more enthusatic, caring and down to earth person in my life. She would do anything for a person with PD to help them slow and try to beat this disease
- Barney
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I have come to know and care for dozens of people whom I never would have met outside of Mission PD. I can’t think of a better way to stave off the progression of my disease while having so much fun!
- Emmy
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Coach Stacey and the other staff are always beside guiding and encouraging you on your wellness path. Fellow fighters who are now friends provide support and laughs when you need them. Because of Mission PD my daily mantra has become "When we SHINE together, we light up even the darkest skies."
- Suzanne

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