Robin Cohen
Occupational Therapy Assistant

Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, Robin stepped out of South Jersey and attended Thomas Jefferson University/Phila U and New York University for her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Associate degree in Dental Hygiene. Today she has an impressive 25+ years of experience in the dental field. From day one, her favorite part of the job has always been the same: patient interactions – both in building trust and creating positive experiences.

For the past 5 years, Robin has been working with People with Parkinson’s (PwP). She volunteered as a Cornerman for the program Rock Steady Boxing (RSB). She was so inspired by the Parkinson’s (PD) community that she got certified to teach RSB. That led her to get certified to teach Parte’ (Parkinson’s Art of Expression). Wanting to help the PD community fight back more, Robin has decided to set her sights on becoming an Occupational Therapy Practitioner (OTP). This fall she started attending Thomas Jefferson University. Robin looks forward to providing more classes geared towards OT exercises for the PD community.

She is currently an Occupational Therapy Assistant Student, to graduate in 2024. She is also a Rock Steady Boxing coach, Parte Teacher and will be PWR certified by late November.